Lucas Freitas “Your website was hacked by Ukrainian hackers.”

De: DouglasDit
Assunto: Your website was hacked by Ukrainian hackers.

Corpo da mensagem:
Hello. We are Ukrainian hackers and we hacked your site
What do we want? We want you to make a donation in support of Ukraine to this Bitcoin (BTC) wallet by March 25 in the amount of 0.05 BTC, this is a small amount: bc1qee5ku3jfe9yx224sw8zu2jd3u9axlnye5kwa20
If you do not make a donation, then a huge full-screen banner will appear on your site asking all visitors to your site to help Ukraine (your site will not be visible, only our banner), if you remove it, we will hang it again, if you fix the vulnerability, then we find a new one and hang the banner again.
As a last resort, we will have the domain name registrar block your domain permanently.

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